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COMPANY is a curated art market and community, for people passionate about emerging art. We provide a venue for the community to discover the next great artist and the tools to acquire and sell your art.  COMPANY members have exclusive access to an annual calendar of complimentary members-only parties, meet-the-artist events, and informal educational offerings, all to foster the growth of an exciting, vibrant and sophisticated community of like-minded Emerging Art lovers. COMPANY is the most secure and convenient online community to discover artists before they are famous.


The Emerging Art market is enormous and navigating it on your own can become a full-time job. Galleries are not incentivized to provide free, objective advice….but we are. 
COMPANY is the ONLY virtual and real community for art lovers, without auction markups and expensive intermediaries. Unlike other markets, our members are free to directly negotiate with each other.


Listing art with COMPANY is fast and simple. Simply click “List Art for Sale” to submit information about your artwork. COMPANY’s curators will review your submission and, if chosen, your listing will appear in the COMPANY Market.
It’s even easier to buy.  Just login and contact the sellers directly through our secure messaging system. 


You’re in good COMPANY.


Message from CJ Follini, CEO


The necessity of maintaining art in our daily lives was clearly stated best by Leo Tolstoy - The activity of art is... as important as the activity of language itself, and as universal. By words one transmits thoughts to another, by means of art, one transmits feelings. Expressing ourselves by appreciating art and giving back to society by supporting artists has never been more important as we find ourselves increasingly isolated in the digital world. Although I am a huge proponent of the improvements to our practical lives made by technological advancements, as I learned in Economics 101 there is no free lunch. This means that to make these strides we have had to sacrifice something and to me that something is human contact and stopping to enrich our souls by admiring beauty. Some may say this was a small price to pay in order to locate 52 Starbucks within walking distance with my phone or to find out who Jennifer Aniston is dating that very second, but truthfully, the longer you  are removed from connecting through art, the more color seeps from our world.

I find that because art makes you feel, think, laugh and even take offense, it forces you to take a stand about living. It nudges us to leave our bystander status and join in what we hope will be wild ride for as long as it lasts.  Life can be difficult and I'm not sure we need to give more attention to contentious politics, religious conflicts, finances ( do we really need numerous 24 hour financial news shows?) but I know I feel a little bit better whenever I am introduced to new art, discussing it with like minded collectors, supporting emerging artists and reading interesting opinions about emerging art. Not to mention the ability to buy and sell art from wherever I am located.  I feel just a bit more inspired than before and we at COMPANY hope you will too. Feel free to contact me or any of us with any questions. Welcome to COMPANY.

CJ and his wife Renee have been avid art collectors since 1993 and have created a collection focused on painting by acquiring whatever work chooses them. COMPANY is their love letter to collecting Emerging Art.

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