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Something in all of us is fascinated with the thought of deviating from our characteristics as they have been defined by others and ourselves.  We are curious about the other side of the spectrum, intoxicated by the foreignness of what being someone else would feel like.  Randal Wilcox’s “Self-Portrait as a Vigil-ante,” is a self-portrait of the artist as a stranger to himself, a man who embodies the dangerous individual Randal imagines as his opposite.  This is a piece about the complexity of the human psyche and the seductive appeal of escaping into a new personality.

In addition to watercolor and acrylic, Randal uses saliva in his portraits to incorporate his DNA into the images. Though no saliva was used in these limited editions, these reproductions still capture an essence of the artist's imprint.

Artist Statement: Utilizing my appearance and genetic material as a starting point, I examine historical and   current events for conceptual and emotional links to personages that are the exact opposite of   what I perceive myself to be. I then place myself into the skins of these strangers and launch   myself into situations that I would never want to be in, yet which others unfortunately are forced   into through genetics or the impassive and unforgiving nature of chance. 

The deadpan, excessively hyphened titles I give the paintings are used to break down  identity into it’s barest form, emphasize the limitations that we place on ourselves and each other   through description, and show the ultimately un-objective and flawed nature of language in describing the idiosyncrasies of human nature and behavior. Through repetition and variation, I become an Everyman (and occasionally an Everywoman); the specific experiences in the  paintings become a universal, existential articulation of the burden of identity and the horrors   present in everyday life that we all consciously or unconsciously avoid in order to function. This series of Saliva Paintings will reach its conclusion when I have rendered myself as everyone, everything and anything that has or possibly could exist.

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