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Amy Wilson’s, “I Dreamed My Soul,” print is a wonderfully charming piece that encapsulates much of what her artistic practice is about. The scene is a colorful child’s bedroom on a starry night. There are four girls in various poses, each a representation of the artist in different states. As children growing up, many of us have imaginary friends, someone to play with, someone to talk to, someone to share your fears and dreams with. In Wilson’s work, these girls are a culmination of her inner self, drawing upon the idea of the imaginary childhood friend. The girls are prominent subjects in many of her paintings, in this particular scene however, through the text and dialogue, the girls address the idea of a soul, and how it is manifested.

COMPANY found this unique visual representation of the soul to be thought-provoking, unique and extremely heartwarming; we are pleased and fortunate to include it in our Limited Edition Prints.

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