Morons (Sepia)

Title:Morons (Sepia)
Art Type:Mixed Media
Date Created:2006
Dimensions: Height: 22 in    Width: 29.9 in   
Weight:3 kg
Print: of
Condition Notes:

The print is in mint condition, it has been stored flat, never been framed, and comes with both a certificate of authenticity from Pest Control and proof of purchase. It is signed and numbered.

Acquired from the original owner; proof of purchase received and CoA received since.

Appraisal Value:$6,500.00
Appraisal By:Pest Control
Appraisal Notes:

Certificate of Authenticy issued

Status: For Approval

User Comments

He certainly does, although if you ever buy one make sure it comes with a Certificate of Authencity from Pest Control. Get in touch if you have any other Banksy related questions. I also have a number of other signed print by the artist should this interest you.

i didn't know banksy sold prints!

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