Listing Artwork

COMPANY is a site for art enthusiasts of quality, emerging art to interact with like-minded people. Showcase your work, sell pieces from your collection, and buy new additions. THIS IS A CURATED SITE.  We cannot accept everything but we will work with you to sell exciting work.

List Art For Sale in 6 Easy Steps

What you will need:

  1. At least one photo of the work
  2. Information about the Artist and the art work.


Step 1:
Register/Login to COMPANY at

Step 2:
Click on “Buy and Sell Your Art” or follow this direct link:

Step 3:
Fill out the art work information page. The more information about your piece that you provide, the more appealing to buyers your item will be. However, only a few things are required: the artist name, the title of the work, the work art type, and the art medium. You must also choose if the item is signed and if the item is appraised.

Step 4:
Upload a picture of your work. Click “Choose File” and browse your computer for the image. Click “Upload.” You can add an optional 6 extra images of your work. Click “Add another image” and repeat for each additional image.

Step 5:
Choose a fulfillment option and period you wish your item to appear in the market.

Step 6:
Preview. Here you will see the information you have submitted about your piece. Click “Edit Listing” to make changes.


Your listing will now be sent to the Curatorial Board for review. Approved listings will immediately appear in the market.