Kalup Linzy demands attention

Kalup Linzy demands attention


Performance artist Kalup Linzy was an inspiration to us during Art/Trek NYC, bringing his thoughtful eye as co-host to our Brooklyn edition.

We are more than pleased to follow the wanderings of Kalup’s mind with his new role as contributor to the Huffington Post. In his latest article, What Does Your Heart Have Time For, Kalup wrestles with the questions many of us have: Where am I and where am I headed?

I wondered if my intense relationship with my work diminished my relationships with family, friends, potential lovers, ex-lovers, and so on. The journey of an artist can be torturous, isolating, and lonely, sometimes leading to suicide. However, there are those who are content...thriving.

Follow Kalup on twitter and catch up with his video series “Melody Set Me Free” on James Franco TV. 


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