Global Emerging Artists

Global Emerging Artists

Amy Weber
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Holds a BFA in Design and is an avid art lover.


A small country to the north east of India is inviting the art market to spend in their backyard. Bangladesh with a population of about 15 million, is trying to make a name for it self in the modern and contemporary art worlds. By riding on the coattails of the international interest that India has been garnering in recent years, Bangladesh has established it’s first art conference with The Dhaka Art Summit.

The Wall Street Journal’s Lifestyle & Culture section takes a closer look at what could just be the next jewel in the ever-expanding art market.


Artists in Bangladesh see an opportunity in the art market of neighboring India: Buyers are looking at this part of the world and the Bangladeshis want to be noticed, too.

The Dhaka Art Summit will be a rare chance for collectors and art enthusiasts to see a wide range of work – from video installations to folk art – produced by the country’s artists under the same roof.

While India’s modern and contemporary art has drawn growing international interest in recent years, Bangladesh has lagged. Ms. Samdani hopes the event will help place Bangladeshi art on the global art map alongside India’s.

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