Free shuttle via COMPANY ArtV during Miami Art Week!

Free shuttle via COMPANY ArtV during Miami Art Week!

COMPANY’s ArtV is a 36 foot recreational vehicle retrofitted as a mobile, pop-up art gallery that is staking a claim on the future of displaying art. With its vibrantly painted exterior by artists Yorgo Alexopoulos (aka street artist 'Ash') and West Coast street/graffiti artist Dye Five, the ArtV is instantly recognizable. Lately the ArtV has been spotted at the Matthew Marks Gallery in NY’s Chelsea neighborhood for the packed Nan Goldin opening and the Rema Hort Mann Foundation's Lower East Side Art Crawl.

Every day this week the graffiti-bombed mobile gallery will shuttle anyone and everyone that hops onboard regardless of VIP status between the myriad of Miami art fairs comprising the world's largest conglomeration of art for sale. While doing so, COMPANY will provide collectors a welcome respite from the art orgy by hosting a gypsy-style mobile party with DJ music and free-flowing, complimentary "beverages."

"ArtV was without question the most memorable and easily talked-about of the various projects at our most recent gallery art crawl" according to Quang Bao, Director of the Rema Hort Mann Foundation.

“This is the coolest thing I’ve experienced in the art world in years. As an emerging artist I have been wresting with how make my art more accessible, really reach the public anot just the 2% jaded art snobs. This mobile art gallery literally takes the artwork to the streets. Totally dope,” commented Dani Howard of Brooklyn.

In fact, Welcome to COMPANY is giving away a free iPhone 4 to whomever posts the funniest photo of themselves in front of the ArtV on Twitter, Facebook, or Tumblr. So keep your eyes peeled for the ArtV near Art Basel/Miami; Fountain Art Fair; Scope; Pulse; Aqua and Art Asia.

When asked why a shuttle, Founder CJ Follini replied: "Does Art Basel/Miami really need another party? What collectors really need is to get from Fair A to Fair B and we are doing it the most fun way we can think of because that's what we do - help collectors."

Can't make it to Miami? Beginning December 10th, the ArtV will be stationed and open for business at One Hanson Place in Fort Greene to coincide with the weekly winter Brooklyn Flea market on Saturdays and Sundays until late spring.

Follow the ArtV LIVE via twitter @welcome2company

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