Crest Hardware Art Show 2011

Crest Hardware Art Show 2011

(June 20, 2011) After roving through Brooklyn visiting artist studios and galleries for Northside Open Studios, we stopped off at Crest Hardware for their 4th Annual Crestfest.  This non-traditional show was curated by current store owner Joe Franquinha, and included artwork in various mediums from over 120 artists hailing from as far as Munich, Germany.  Some contributing artists include Chris Stain, Haze, Olek, Gordon Bennett, Samson Contompasis and hundreds more.  Roaming through the aisles of the 10,000 square foot indoor and outdoor retail space in search of art amongst hammers, nuts and bolts felt more like a treasure hunt than an exhibition.   Some of the over 300 pieces were prominently displayed, while others were  casually tucked amongst the hardware.

The pieces, ranging dramatically in style, technique, and material, were often constructed out of hardware, made comment on the products they hung with, and sometimes referenced the Crest brand directly.  There were several robots and tool-centered paintings, animated pipes and singing doorbells, a wearable hardware samurai suit and a yarn-shrouded dolly, sculptures to crank or magnets to stack, even a few sad rodents hidden amongst the pesticides.

When asked about the show's origins, Joe said, "The Crest Hardware art show is all about taking love for my community, my love of art, my love of hardware and welding them together to bridge a gap in this continually changing city, but Williamsburg in particular. It began in the early nineties with an artist named Gene Pool asking for some window space. We gave him an inch, he took a mile. By mile I mean 5000 square feet of retail space. Which is actually only 280 feet short of a full mile. Sorry, that's the hardware end speaking."

Needless to say, this was definitely an experience.  Power tools plus art – what more could you ask for? 

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