COMPANY picks from SCOPE

COMPANY picks from SCOPE

(March 15, 2012) SCOPE, one of the more popular satellite fairs, is always worth a visit.  With nearly 60 exhibitors from as far as Cape Town and Seoul, the fair took place in an enormous tent just a block away from the ever-epic Armory Show.   Like many independent fairs, SCOPE strives to highlight emerging to mid-range artists, presenting a well-curated and accessible selection for collectors, which is why we like this fair.

Each of the SCOPE’s exhibitors featured an average of three artists, but the good number of thematic and solo shows served well to catch the eye of visitors overwhelmed by the artful whirlwind of Armory week.  SCOPE welcomed nearly 18,000 visitors in just five days, and presented works priced mostly below $20,000.  Here are some of our favorite works from the fair!







Peter Gronquist, Lesser Kudu (James Thilman / Gothamist)







Farley Aguilar, Group Portrait from the Dogville Series (James Thilman / Gothamist)







Infinity Trophy Room, an installation from Kenton Parker (James Thilman / Gothamist)







Ralf Kaspers, Summerland V (James Thilman / Gothamist)







Chad Wys, Garage Sale Painting of Peasants with Color Bars (James Thilman / Gothamist)







Chul Hyun Ahn, Tunnel IV (James Thilman / Gothamist)

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