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Susana Carrié

  • Education: Istituto Superiore per pe Industrie Artistiche di Roma, Universidad de los Andes
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Artist Statement:  For twenty years of continuous work in graphic design and publishing have passed before my eyes numerous photographs of others, I have worked in various ways, sometimes, recomposing with collage or related texts, sometimes intervening directly on them . Not until two years ago when the photograph was "democratized" with the development of digital technology, I decided to go to this exciting form of expression since it makes me suffer, almost daily, feverish but delicious dependence.

Bogotá is an inexhaustible where bebo everyday inhabited by those anonymous beings whom "theft" casual situations. The photograph, in my case, it is the illusion of ownership but also a commitment to resize what is "ugly", since it follows the symbolic forms in place. My focus is set bizarre in comical and what unusual everyday that dint being both there has been losing visibility or beauty is gone withering before our eyes.
Never elaborate staging, the scene is there, waiting. So I carry in my wallet as indispensable, my little compact 12 megapixel, 10x, with its unique Leica lens. I adore because it scares little shooting. When I go out together go with the SLR and its lenses. However, I am convinced that there is the camera who makes the photographer, and this reminds me of a wise sentence of French photographer Felix Nadar, "art photography there. In the picture there, as in all things, some people who can see and others do not even know to look. "