Company Artists


Chris Attenborough & Sean Naftel, a.k.a the duo "Peacock", are featured artists on Art/Trek NYC Season 1. Chosen by Executive Director of the Queens Council on the Arts, Hoong Yee Lee Krakauer, Peacock represents Queens, NY for the docu-series.

PEACOCK has been creating interventions, installations and events since 2008. Their installations democratize aesthetics to activate the space, and engage the viewer (often unknowingly) to become a participant.

Each piece becomes an entity of its own, unreflective of the installation that came before. Yet running throughout the entire body of work is a mashing of cultures and ideals that comments, provokes, and laughs at communal histories; creating at first a smart ass response, that through further investigation leads to the underbelly of the common threads that exists throughout disparate communities.