Company Artists

Melissa Ichiuji

Artistic Statement: Balance is not a static place. Balance lives somewhere between falling and recovering. My aim is to capture, through metaphor, the between moments; transitions from innocence to awareness and psychological or emotional brinks from which there is no return.

I make figurative sculptures that are reminiscent of dolls. They are personifications of internal struggles that define the human condition. I draw upon my background as a dancer and actor to animate the body in ways that reveal the subtext of the figures. My inspiration comes from my own experiences and those of people I know. Each work begins with a personal association and then expands to address a more universal theme often having to do with fantasies relating to power, sexual awakening, repressed anger and violence, and feelings of loss and mortality. My figures often appear to be at once infantile and aging both disconnected and active. They are struggling to make sense of the world and the conflicting messages found within it.