Company Artists

Matthew Haffner

Matt is a multi-media artsit, based in Atlanta, whose photo-derivitive works have been exhibited nationally and internationaly. He is represented through WhiteSpace Gallery in Atlanta and Pentimenti Gallery in Philadelphia. His paintings, drawings, installations and video pieces have been exhibited widely in museums, public spaces and commercial galleries around the world.


"Haffner has built his reputation for smart, stylish work knee-deep in urban grit and cool. His 2007 series of paintings, Used Fiction, is classic Haffner, crackling with the drama and energy of cinema. In those ambiance-drenched works Haffner blends lowbrow spray paint and high-end silver leaf to create works that fluctuate between timeless and contemporary. Hipsters in skinny Sixties ties cruise the city in retro sedans. Beautiful women brood, looking forlorn and heartsick, like the heroines in a French New Wave film, the air heavy with a sense of anxiety and broken-down romance. "
- Felicia Feaster - Creative Loafing

"Like the films that inspire the look and sinister tone of his paintings, Haffner sets his works in the urban underbelly. The shady types and down-and-outers who inhabit it are his characters. His compositions suggest film stills, a moment in a narrative that the viewer must imagine for himself.
His arresting public art works are even more ambiguous. He tears the characters from their setting as well as the plot, pasting huge photographic blow-ups of the figures on the city's facades."
- Catherine Fox - Atlanta Journal Constitution