Company Artists

Kent Henricksen

  • Born: 1974
  • Hometown: New Haven, Connecticut
  • Education: BFA University of Colorado at Boulder
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Artist Statement: The figures and landscapes that I employ in my new work are appropriated from random sources, such as historical volumes, old newspapers, children’s books, or even French prints from the time of the Musketeers. The Mexican artist Jose Guadalupe Posada, Albrect Durer, Mercer Mayer, and Max Ernst are some of the artists I constantly refer to. I keep an archive of these images that I use as a type of memory bank of past events, which I continually build upon and cull from in creating my own histories and narratives. As much as I combine imagery from opposing eras, I also try to create a broader dialogue by focusing on the interplay between both high and low culture. I’m interested in constructing a discourse or new history by taking bits and pieces to create an enduring narrative or non-history. I think of it as a form of memory recollection or memory re-arrangement. In the same way that a person collects or keeps random experiences as memory, and mixes them up in their mind, I take random images and mix and re-arrange them on a single canvas. It’s more of a caricature or a hyper reality. On their own, the images are insignificant or relatively trivial, but combined with others a paradigm is formed.