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  • Born: 1981
  • Hometown: Nigeria
  • Education: Master of Arts in Performance Studies candidate, New York University, New York, 2012. Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art and English, Hunter College, New York, 2010. Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and Literature, University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, 2005.
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Eseohe Arhebamen, a.k.a Edoheart, is a featured artist on Art/Trek NYC Season 1. Chosen by Kalup Linzy, internationally known performance artist, Edoheart is the Brooklyn representative for the docu-series.

Born in Nigeria, Edoheart is an award-winning poet, musician, dancer and visual artist. Her work often concerns trauma, iconography, African identity and trance. Her live shows feature video projections, her own songs and ritualistic dance. She has appeared in newspapers, magazines, television and radio in South Korea, Japan, North America, Ukraine, Latvia, Estonia and Nigeria. Called “powerful ritual” and “voodoo theatre”, she has taught the Arts to children since 2001 and facilitated adult workshops at institutions like Columbia University, Spelman College and The Living Theatre. Edoheart has published two books of poems, released three musical collections, four music singles and numerous video-artworks to date, most notably, her Fire Butoh series. Edoheart is the multicultural, multilingual Africa I carry with me in my travels; a place I share with my collaborators and audiences. The language of Edoheart is transcultural, metaphysical and multimedia. Edoheart hopes to rewrite the history of Africa through rediscovery, retrieval and re-incorporation of lost African creations and identities.

Artist Statement:  [Excerpt] "In thinking about sensoriality or the human sensorium, metaphors are significant in that they imply transformation; something becomes something else. Similarly to the transformative nature of metaphors, one can be forever changed by an experience, be it the viewing of a performance or the eating of something new, even. Experiential transformation and metaphor are further important as pivots of central questions of philosophy, one of those questions being whether or not it is possible to know anything a priori, without yet having experienced it. This question of experience, metaphor and transformation also contains a question of empathy and thus, language; whether it is possible to communicate experience to others so that they can know or feel things about our own experiences without themselves experiencing those things."

Read Edoheart's full Statement linked above.