Company Artists

Daniel Kelly

Lives and works in Tokyo. Before leaving for Japan eighteen years ago, Daniel spent $1.95 on the only art book he could afford. At the back of this small book by the artist Tokuriki, the famed woodblock printmaker, was an invitation, " If the reader of this book has a chance to visit Kyoto, feel free to contact the author." Kelly became Tokuriki's pupil and now his works have been collected by the Metropolitan Museum in New York, The British Museum, the Museum of Modern Art-NY, the Smithsonian, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and The Allen Memorial Art Museum. Daniel is an exciting artist, with an ever-changing style. All of his prints from the last few years have some element of mixed media, including lithography, cement block printing, and hand coloring. Daniel says of his process, "I really don't like it if I have a concept -- it doesn't exist yet -- and people say you're gonna run into this and that problem. I want to slap those people out of my way. If there is a problem, I dig deeper. Painting is like war. I get in there and battle and fight. It's either me or the painting. One of us will win.

Museum Collections:

Museum of Modern Art, NY, NY.
Los Angeles County Museum of Art, .LA. Ca..
Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY. NY.
Brooklyn Museum of Art, Brooklyn NY,
British Museum, London, England
Museum of New South Wales, Sydney, Australia
New York Public Library, NY. NY