Company Artists

Carrie Gustafson

Artist Statement: After a decade of making classic vessels with a Venetian-trained glass blower, my palette of colors and pattern language developed. I arrived at the inner light of the vessel by way of breath's imprint - blowing glass - and from sandblasting through the surface of multiple layers of colored "flash glass". This translucent "skin" couldn't have been thinner. Next, slicing vessels in half, I discovered sculptural forms and a new way of working: wall tapestries and sculptures built from interconnected and patterned shards. This direction, built upon a career of making vessels and lighting, returned me to my student days when I used translucent flower petals as if they were stained glass.

My work seeks to honor this lineage; to use the magic and radiance inherent in glass, to create a visual journal rooted in the spiritual undercurrent, which flows through all matter.