Company Artists

Carolina Montejo

Artist Statement: My work emphasizes a surreal note, questions and scenarios based on memory, the subconscious, dreams and illusion. As a side event there are other elements that guide my research: the concept of size and fascination with a tiny world that lives as a giant in an infinite universe, the situations below concluded, the juxtaposition of thoughts and feelings at different stages of life, and also the status of color as a defining element in the aesthetic construction of these mental processes. Thus, it feeds my photographic work of change, chance and real, and finally filled with all that fake versions. The result: stories and abstractions of a mind that is aware of its existence through the display of that intangible and invisible.


Carolina was featured in Galería MÜ, the first gallery in Colombia dedicated solely to photography, with the exhibition "Sueños Salados (Salt Dreams)". The exhibit presented Kahn & Selesnick and Carolina Montejo, contemporary artists whose work explores imaginative and surreal environments within the photographic medium. "Salt Dreams". The imagination, subconscious, and mythology have been almost inseparable since the beginning of man. Their coexistence has produced stories, images, and social and political revolutions that have defined the way that we visualize the intangible and surreal. Within the history of photography, the presentation of the real was of the utmost importance.