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Amy Guidry

ARTIST STATEMENT : "In Our Veins" explores the connections between all life forms and the cycle of life.  Through a psychological, and sometimes visceral, approach, this series investigates our relationships to each other and to the natural world, as well as our role in the life cycle.  Concepts such as life and death, survival and exploitation, and the interdependence and destruction of living and nonliving organisms are illustrated throughout.  Using imagery derived from dreams and free association, "In Our Veins" demonstrates these ideas in a surreal, psychologically-charged narrative.

Amy Guidry’s work has been exhibited in galleries and museums nationwide including the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey, the Alexandria Museum of Art, Brandeis University, and the Acadiana Center for the Arts.  Her work is present in private and public collections including the Alexandria Museum of Art, the Zigler Art Museum, the Schepis Museum, and the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art.  Guidry’s paintings have been featured in publications such as American Artist Magazine, Studio Visit, and Adbusters.  Her work has also been featured on MTV’s The Real World, Season 20: Hollywood.

Amy resides in Lafayette, Louisiana. She is represented by Wally Workman Gallery in Austin, Texas, The Oak Street Gallery in Hammond, Louisiana, and Barrister's Gallery in New Orleans, Louisiana.

David Burns Smith, The Studio Chronicle: "Guidry walks a conscious line between the cerebral and a traditional, formal approach to making an image. While visually speaking the language of free association, a kind of description of dreams rather than a capturing of dream-like images, Guidry’s works tell a unique, contemporary story. What sets her apart from many neo-surrealists is that she is not imitating Dali, Ernst, or even de Chirico, but rather, speaking their language. Completing the package, Guidry’s paintings are smart, methodical, and contemporary."

Guy Sangster Adams, Plectrum: The Cultural Pick: "Forget mere high definition, the exceptionality of Guidry’s mix of photorealism and surrealism, creates a fantastic heightened definition that presents a hyperreality that forces one to address and, with hope, redress our reality."