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Images Festival

The largest festival in North America for experimental and independent moving image culture

AIPAD best and worse

The Four Best and Three Worst Booths at the AIPAD Photo Fair

Emma Allen picks the highs and low of the AIPAD.

Bye Bye Hosni by Zakaria Ramhani

Art Dubai and the Sharjah Biennial: talking about a revolution

Dubai's art fair and biennial are using current protests to make the sparks fly between art and politics

The Elgiz Museum of Contemporary Art ~ Turkey’s First Contemporary Art Museum

For the last 25 years, Turkey has developed a thriving market and some spectacular artists.

Untitled Peter Plagens

The Absolute Truth About Contemporary Art

Artist Peter Plagens reflects on Contemporary Art and his place in it.

Manabu Ikeda

Anxiety on the Fault Line

A dark-minded exhibit at Japan Society was conceived to counter cult of cuteness, but no one could have known that the show would end up being seen in the light of real-life disaster.

Social Media Art

Social Media as Inspiration and Canvas

Museums use social media to advertise art, but has social media become an art itself?

Company’s Picks from PULSE NYC Art Fair

The PULSE New York fair has it all.

Pierre Naquin of A&F Markets

Can an online exchange turn artworks into liquid assets?

Pierre Naquin, of A&F Markets, aims to deliver profits from day trading of shares of artworks online.

COMPANY Picks from SCOPE Art Fair

For me the Scope Art Fair, across the street from Pier 40 downtown, has in the past been like a temperamental child

COMPANY's picks from Independent art fair

Independent is back in Chelsea. But it’s hard to be an upstart the second time around, as evinced by a preview in Vogue and the launch of an unaffiliated mini-fair called the Dependent at the Sheraton Hotel on West 25th Street.

COMPANY's picks from The Armory Show

The giant, convention center art fair is dead. Morte. Kaput. Stick a fork in it ‘cause it’s done. There, I said it. But is it so? Am I being premature? A funny thing happened on the way to the morgue…

An Art Fair's Singular Vision


On a windy March morning, a white moving van caked with dust and salt pulled up to an industrial block in Brooklyn.

Free-for-All Spirit Breezes Into a Vast Art Fair

Art fairs are for art lovers. There’s really no way around it. You can say that they demean art, that they’re all about commerce. You can complain about the crowds, the bad food, the poor ventilation. I hear you.

A rendering of the new Great Hall.

Where To Head This Weekend

Get your map! Check the times and locations for the weekend art shows.

Art Economist

"The Art Economist" Premieres

Wall Street Legend Fred Alger's New Publication Which Examines the Contemporary Art Market -- Premieres Issue 3 Featuring Expanded Editorial on the Economics of Art, Art Fair Advice, and Updates on the Market's Top 300

Artists Space brought a DeLorean to last year's inaugural Independent

Armory Week 2011 Preview: The Smaller Fairs

L Magazine takes a look at the smaller, more manageable (and often free) art fairs at which you could spend your week.


Zürcher Studio, New York

Worth Seeing Side Fair During Armory Week in New York

Attending the opening of Salon Zurcher last night on Bleecker street was a great way to start a week that will be hopefully exciting and for sure insane.

John Chamberlain’s 'Onecaratstud.'

Everybody Switch! Armory Art Week Begins Amid Epidemic of Gallery Swapping

As New York's Armory Arts week kicks off, the art world is playing something of a manic game of "Where's Waldo?" Or, rather, "Where's Kehinde?"