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COMPANY PICKS from the Lower East Side

Emerging artists to watch from the LES


HERE: Future of American Theatre

Win VIP tickets to evening of cutting edge performance art and after party

emerging art, emerging artists

What Does "Emerging" Really Mean in the Art World?

Terms like "contemporary," "painting," and "multimedia" are constantly used in auction house catalogues, artist biographies, and press releases, but their definitions are rarely as constant as their presence.

damien hirst, haunch of venison,

Smoked Venison

Can an auction house successfully manage a living artist's primary market?

Art in the Street MOCA

Moving Street Art Mainstream: MOCA's "Art in the Streets"

The upcoming comprehensive exhibit turns graffiti legit, but does it lose something on the way?

Bobby yip, chinese art, sotheby's, hong kong

A Bull in the Chinese Art Shop

As the art market in the rest of the world licks its wounds after the global financial crisis, Chinese contemporary art remains hot.

Francois Pinault, art collector,

Lunch With François Pinault

The elusive billionaire art collector refuses wine.

Catlanta, street art, missing cat, scavenger hunt, atlanta, atlanta art

Scavenger Hunt for Street Art

Street artist Catlanta uses social media to engage the people of Atlanta in a scavenger hunt for his work.

Ai Weiwei

Art world denounces Ai Weiwei’s disappearance

Museums, fellow artists and his gallery rally to show support for the artist, who is in police custody

Discovery Series: an Interview with Gutbox

Introducing Gutbox: A Collective of Emerging Artists

Sarah Smalls Delirium Event

Unguarded and Pure: Tableau Vivant

Be a part of the "The Delirium Constructions" experience with artist Sarah Small and collaborators.

Buy What You Love

Buy What You Love

Art, more than a price sticker.

Hunter Jonakin Jeff Koons Must Die

Larry Gagosian Is Killing Art

Larry G.'s bubble is about to burst. 

Nika Neelova talks to Paul Carey-Kent

Architectural ruins frozen in the moment before collapse.

Richard Prince, Patrick Cariou, Appropriation, rastafarian

Do We Really Want Judges Determining What Art 'Says'?

Appropriation artist Richard Prince found guilty of infringement.

Fountain Art Fair New York

COMPANY picks from Fountain

Fountain New York is the destination renegade art fair.

Eli Broad

Eli Broad, at home with art

The billionaire philanthropist talks about how he built his collection and the artists he's known along the way.

Art Chicago Next

Art Chicago and NEXT 2011

The 2011 editions of Art Chicago and NEXT will present a more focused vision for the Chicago landmark arts-weekend.