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For 2011, Art HK Grows Up and Goes Local

Our Top Picks for the Best (Local) Happenings in Hong Kong During a Week of Art

Nir Hod's New Show - "Genius" - Just May Prove He Is

The precocious and melancholic young men and women of artist Nir Hod. Entitled Genius

Josh Keyes

Interview with Josh Keyes

Josh's work is brilliant, precise, thoughtful and timely.  

Roberto Molla

COMPANY Picks For Week of May 18

A mix of street and gallery art in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Elisabeth Condon

COMPANY picks: NY Gallery Week

Quick picks from New York Gallery Week 2011

Matthew Day Jackson

Art Brussels 2011

COMPANY picks from the fair via Happy Famous Artists 

Street Art Market Collapse Would See History Repeat

Is the Street Art market in danger of collapse?

COMPANY Picks From Affordable Art Fair

The AAF takes a new refined look

Jeremy Couillard

Discovery Series: an interview with Jeremy Couillard

COMPANY interviews technophillic artist Jeremy Couillard

New Museum Festival of Ideas

Festival of Ideas for the New City

The New Museum launches a major cultural initiative


Sebastian Errazuriz: Beautiful Premonitions

Form, function, and beauty at the Cristina Grajales Gallery 

Tristan Eaton

Tristan Eaton's 3D Artbook

100 of the hottest young contemporary artists go 3D

Catching Their Eye: Anne Huntington, Amanda Schneider, and Susi Kenna

Three young curators, dealers, and leaders talk about what makes them take a second look.

Fowler Arts Collective

An Arts Collective Grows in Greenpoint

Enchanted by the Brooklyn art scene

Berlin: Where Bohemia Meets the Market

The promise of artistic discovery

Laurie Simmons

A Quick Guide to Spring Non-Profits and Galas

A new wave of non-profit benefits has arrived with the spring – look below for a guide to the major galas.

Runo Lagomarsino, Documentation of Process Trans Atlantic, 2010/11. Photo: Elast

Art 42 Basel: Spotlighting Solo Shows by Emerging Artists

26 solo projects by young artists selected by the Art Basel Committee

The Power of Fairs

As they strive for the perfect balance of profit and prestige, the companies behind many contemporary-art fairs know it's not all about the money.