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When is Appropriation Appropriate?

Richard Prince's appropriation of Patrick Cariou's rasta men continues to cause a stir.

Discovery Series: COMPANY interviews the lovely Sarah Trouche

French performance artist Sarah Trouche takes performance to great heights, literally. 

Still from Edoheart's video Sugar in a Plum, 2011

The outrageous Kalup Linzy stars in COMPANY's new documentary series

Gender-bending performance artist Kalup Linzy inspires the next generation of artists

Allison Entrekin and her Melodie Provenzano discovery

Where does a first-time collector on a budget find good art?

I’m going to get a crash course in the art world and buy something incredible for my grandmother. Because I’m too much of an idiot to be intimidated...

Discovery Series: Allison Schulnik Interview

Allison Schulnik will enchant you with her sweetly melancholic animations and thickly layered paintings you can't help but want to dive into.

Brooklyn Night Bazaar

Brooklyn Night Bazaar announces roster of bands, food vendors and makers for December 15 - 17, 2011, 5pm - 1 am at 149 Kent Avenue, Williamsburg

ArtV shuttles between Miami Art Shows

COMPANY Returns from Art Basel Miami Beach

The COMPANY ArtV caused major talk during one of the biggest art events of the year.

Discovery Series: Elektra KB Interview

Interview with Elektra KB, a blood-soaked militant feminist


Free shuttle via COMPANY ArtV during Miami Art Week!

Mobile Art Gallery Disrupts Status Quo in Art World

Discovery Series: Tiago Carneiro da Cunha

COMPANY interview with Brazilian sculptor Tiago Carneiro da Cunha


Groundwell community Mural Project announces its 15th Annual Art Auction Benefit

Discover Series: Aaron Mason

Discovery Series: Aaron Mason

When “emerging” means starting over, not wet behind the ears.

Discovery Series: Fowler Arts Collective Interview

COMPANY chats with Cecelia Post, the brains behind Fowler Arts Collective

John Stark

Discovery Series: John Stark Interview

John Stark speaks as a technical virtuoso to ubiquitous utilitarian society.

Zavier Ellis, Nika Neelova, The Offering, The Future can wait

Discovery Series: Nika Neelova Interview

COMPANY talks with artist Nika Neelova and curator Zavier Ellis

Art of Occupy Wall Street

When art and Occupy Wall Street collide

Fountain Art Fair

Pacific Standard Time puts Los Angeles on the Map

Los Angeles is making itself known as a major center of the contemporary art world.

NURTUREart 2011

Discovery Series: Interview with NURTUREart

Interview with Karley Klopfenstein, Development Director of NURTUREart

Star Sun Burst: Public Installation, 2010

Discovery Series: Interview with Tatyana Murray

Tatyana Murray brings to light her ghostly illuminations

Hanna Chung

Discovery Series: Interview with Hanna Chung

Introducing Hanna Chung. She'll hold your gooey heart in her hands.